Our objectives

We are a committed investor and have implemented a Responsible Investment Policy with several objectives:
  • To assert our principles and convictions by being a driver of responsible investment through our financing and investments.
  • To control our risks and make informed financing decisions: the combined analysis of financial and extra-financial elements allows us to acquire a better global vision of the potential borrower, to identify risks or opportunities that cannot be deduced from accounting and financial statements. ESG analysis therefore helps to reduce portfolio volatility and improve portfolio quality.
  • Seizing opportunities while responding to societal challenges: financing companies or projects that address new markets that are both promising and sustainable (e.g. responsible consumption patterns) or that provide solutions to societal challenges (e.g. sustainable mobility, renewable energies, inclusive education, access to healthcare), is a performance driver.
  • Responding to the growing expectations of our shareholders and investors, but also of our employees, our business partners and, more generally, civil society, with conviction and transparency.
  • Accompanying borrowers in a process of progress in terms of CSR, through a "win-win" approach, by questioning, proposing avenues for improvement, monitoring and exchanging good practices.